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Race: Artifact
Class: Arkentool
Attuned to: Wanda Firebaugh
Associated Discipline:

Proposed Canon

One of the Arkentools. It is currently attuned to Wanda Firebaugh of the Gobwin Knob Side.

Attunement to the Arkenpliers is governed by the Fate axis of magicErf-b1-p022Same-site.PNG, which Croakamancy (Wanda's specialty) is a part of.

While unattuned and owned by Prince Ansom, the Arkenpliers were a powerful weapon, capable of instantly destroying most Uncroaked units on contact, as well as being able to hurt other Units.Erf-b1-p022Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p071Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p118Same-site.PNG

The associated "special" Unit of the Arkenpliers, while attuned to Wanda, are the Decrypted, an advanced form of uncroaked.


The Arkenpliers had been held by Jetstone for a long time before King Slately decided to allow Prince Ansom to use them in the Battle for Gobwin Knob. However, at that time, the Arkenpliers were not attuned to him.Erf-b1-p022Same-site.PNG One major reason why King Slately took the risk of giving them to Ansom was his hope that Ansom would become attuned to the pliers in the course of battle. After Ansom's deathErf-b1-p131Same-site.PNG, the Arkenpliers were briefly recovered by Lady Sylvia Lazarus of the Royal Crown CoalitionErf-b1-p132Same-site.PNG, only to be lost once again when the uncroaked volcano wiped out all Royal Crown Coalition forces inside Gobwin Knob.

Wanda Firebaugh recovered the Arkenpliers from the ruins of Gobwin Knob after the battle and attuned to themErf-b1-p142Same-site.PNG in the culmination of a long questErf-b1-p143Same-site.PNG to fulfill a Prediction about her attuning to an Arkentool. She used them to decrypt Prince Ansom and much of the RCC forces destroyed in the explosion.

In 96 AW, the Great Minds experimented with it and ended up awakening it into sapience.

Powers when Attuned

The 'pliers allow the Wanda to decrypt corpses as new units on her side. Since the decrypted do not degrade over time as a normal Uncroaked would, this allows her to create a nearly unstoppable army. Every time Wanda wins a battle, she decrypts the corpses of the enemy, giving her an even larger advantage in the next battle.

Wanda has shown the ability to Decrypt through BedrockErf-b3-p143Same-site.PNG.

Wanda is capable of seeing through the eyes of Decrypted Archons Erf-b2-pE8Same-site.PNG

With Thinkamancer Link, the Wanda was able to use the Arkenpliers to sever the g-strings that made Lilith Charlie's prisoner. Erf-b3-p95Same-site.PNG


It is unclear what other powers, if any, Wanda has gained from her attunement. Given that Croakamancy is the aspect of Naughtymancy ruled by Fate, it would seem that it is a powerful artifact of Fate in her hands and the pair are something to be feared, even by Stanley the Tool. Wanda is capable of Fate magic in disciplines outside of Croakamancy, so those spells might also be enhanced by the Arkenpliers.

Real World References

A company named Zhejiang Wanda Tools Co. Ltd specializes in making pliers. (The website URL has changed more than once; this is current as of 2018-06-01.)