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The Arkenhammer
Race: Artifact
Class: Arkentool

Proposed Canon


Strengths: Taming Dwagons, Heaving Lightning, Cracking Things

Weaknesses: Inconspicuousness, Clarity of Purpose, Personal Taste in Friends

One of the Arkentools. It is currently attuned to Stanley the Tool. It has played a key part in his rise to power.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG

Known properties include:


It should be noted that some of the pigeons thus created turn back into walnuts after being croaked (or once cooked, or perhaps simply contain walnuts somewhere inside).Erf-b1-p037Same-site.PNG The exact effects of this tool striking living things are mostly unknown. So far in the comic, one Orly has been struck with the Arkenhammer in combat; it turned into a walnut.Erf-b1-p114Same-site.PNG

Associated Discipline

Given that the Arkendish provides "unmatched" Thinkamancy and the Arkenpliers provide clearly unequalled Croakamancy, many readers feel that there is an associated Discipline for the Arkenhammer.

Stanley, a Warlord who cannot cast spells, uses an electrical effect to take down a Chief Warlord (Caesar Borgata) and his entire stack, emerging entirely unscathed from the engagement. This effect appears to be powerful enough to compare to the associated Disciplines of the other two Arkentools. The question, then, is which Discipline does this effect belong to?

Since Thinkamancy and Croakamancy are Fate Axis Disciplines, some readers feel that all associated Disciplines should be Fate aligned. Fate magic being the determining factor in attunement reinforces this belief.

The case for Shockmancy

Sizemore unleashes a Shockmancy scrollErf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG which strike down enemies with yellow bolts. This fits the definition for shock, "a sudden and violent blow or impact".

The first case for Shockmancy compares the electrical effect's resultsErf-b1-p113Same-site.PNG to that of the known Shockmancy resultErf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG. The two results are remarkably similar, suggesting they come from the same Discipline.

The second case relies on an undefined part of Shockmancy. An electrically shocking effect is Shockmancy.

The case against: Shockmancy is Erf aligned, not Fate aligned.

The case for Carnymancy

Carnymancy has not yet been defined, but is probably defined by either the term "Carny" or "Carnival".

The first case suggests that since electrical shows have been included in carnivals, an electrical effect is Carnymancy.

The second case looks at the Arkenhammer itself. The 'hammer has the appearance of a squeeky toy hammer, which can be a prize given by Carny's at a carnival.

The case against: electricity at carnivals are generated by machines; choosing a Discipline based on the appearance of the hammer itself is inconsistent with the association by effect of the 'dish and 'pliers.

The case for Changemancy

Changemency has not yet been defined, but is probably defined by an effect of changing one thing into another.

Since the Arkenhammer changes birds into walnuts and vice versa, it does have an effect that associates with Changemancy.

The case against: the effect is not on par with the 'dish and 'pliers.

Real World References

It was pointed out that a company named Stanley manufactures hand tools.

Thor, the god of storms (could create thunder and lightning) from Norse mythology, owned a hammer named Mjolnir[1].