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One of the Arkentools, currently possessed by and attuned to Charlie of Charlescomm.Erf-b1-p046Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p102Same-site.PNG

Arkendish gives its user superior Thinkamancy abilities.Erf-b1-p116Same-site.PNG



Another ability may be to interfere with other communication devices (Eyebook, prime example).Erf-b1-p112Same-site.PNG

May give a decrease in Mathamancy (Charlie's deals with Parson).

Might give enhanced Thinkamancy abilities to units under Charlie's control (Charlie's Archons).

Extreme speculation: Mind control/influence, especially when directly communicating. (Maggie is very worried when Parson asks her to contact Charlie.)Erf-b1-p098Same-site.PNG

Real World References

It was pointed out that Dish Network formed by Charles W. "Charlie" Ergen provides satellite television service in the United States.