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Race: Artifact
Class: Arkentool
Attuned to: Blair, Charlie
Associated Discipline:


One of the Arkentools, currently possessed by and attuned to Charlie of Charlescomm.Erf-b1-p042Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p092Same-site.PNG

Arkendish gives its attuned user superior Thinkamancy abilities.Erf-b1-p089Same-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

The Arkendish can do many things, most of them connected to Thinkamancy. Charlie is a Carnymancer by trade, but has wielded the full powers of a Thinkamancer with the Arkendish's help. Together, Charlie and the Arkendish are capable of:

  • Handling an unlimited number of Thinkagrams, and extend some of his abilities to his personal Archons in his tower. Any commander in the world can get those Archons' attention by concentrating hard enough, for long enough. This could take hours or even days, but Charlescomm would establish contact eventually. This allows him to hire out to any side or barbarian in the world.
  • Charlie can intercept, jam, or even corrupt Thinkagrams and by extension the Eyebooks as he demonstrates at the Siege of Spacerock.
  • It grants the power to cast spells or even caster links over great range, though while the caster link is active, the Arkendish cannot be used for communication.LIAB Text 18 He can use the Archons as relays for this purpose.
  • Can use something similar to but distinct from Predictamancy by evaluating collective intuition and morale.
  • Can read people on a Thinkamancy level and work them over.
  • Charlie has some sort of an affinity for natural allies, which has enabled him to know their desires, and in some cases, even persuade them to betray their former masters. He is suspected to be responsible for preventing Gobwin Knob from finding any gobwins.


If, as some casters believe, the Arkenpliers allow Wanda to extend Croakamancy into the Life axis, then perhaps the Arkendish allows Charlie to extend Thinkamancy into the Matter axis.


The signature unit of the Dish seems to be the Archons, flying female knight-class units with an array of powers. Charlie can pop one archon every turn or three archons every two turns with a turnamancer. Whether this capability is granted by the Dish is unknown. Most other cities cannot pop archons at all and those that can take multiple turns.

Might give enhanced Thinkamancy abilities to units under Charlie's control (Charlie's Archons).

Extreme speculation: Mind control/influence, especially when directly communicating. (Maggie is very worried when Parson asks her to contact Charlie.)Erf-b1-p088Same-site.PNG

More extreme speculation: given that it can grant Thinkamancy to a caster of a different discipline, it might even be capable of enabling a four discipline link.

Real World References

The Arkendish resembles the antenna used for satellite television.

Charlie and his Archons are more than likely a reference to the American T.V. Show "Charlie's angels"

It was pointed out that Dish Network formed by Charles W. "Charlie" Ergen provides satellite television service in the United States.

The fact that the arkendish can be used to poke around in peoples' minds may be a reference to tin foil hats. In science fiction and some conspiracy theories, tin foil hats would block out telepathy underneath a similar principle to blocking out radio waves.