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This page catalogs the number of appearances each character makes in the strip. Only named characters and characters with multiple appearances are cataloged. If a character is a generic creature, like a gwiffon or a dwagon, it is only listed if it is absolutely certain that the specific creature has appeared multiple times. This page was adapted by a similar page on the ErfWorld forums at Giant in the Playground. An appearance is any visual or audial appearance by a character, such as Charlie's off-screen instructions to his Archons, or when Jillian appears in pixellated form in Stanley's war room. Parson and Hamstard have "+20" after their appearance numbers to reflect their 20 appearances in the mock-site at

Most Recent Appearances: Love Is a Battlefield - Page 9

Ansom, Arkenpliers, Jack Snipe, Jack's Blue Dwagon, Net-Carrying Archons, Ossomer, Rider of Blue Dwagon, Rider's Blue Dwagon, Tramennis, Wanda Firebaugh, Wanda's Pink Dwagon


Ten Most Common Characters

  1. Parson Gotti (126+20)
  2. Hamstard (96+20)
  3. Wanda Firebaugh (71)
  4. Ansom (66)
  5. Stanley (61)
  6. Jillian Zamussels (58)
  7. Sizemore Rockwell (53)
  8. Maggie (48)
  9. Vinny Doombats (39)
  10. Bogroll (36)

30 appearances

Jack Snipe

28 appearances

Arkenpliers, Jillian's Second Gwiffon.

20 appearances

Jaclyn, Webinar.

19 appearances

Arkenhammer, Charlie's Brunette Archon.

17 appearances

Charlie's Blonde Archon.

15 appearances


14 appearances

Caesar Borgata.

13 appearanes

Charlie, Stanley's Plated Red Dwagon.

12 appearances

Blue Warlord.

11 appearances

Manpower the Temporary.

10 appearances

Duke Nozzle, Scarlet.

9 appearances

Misty, Ossomer, Tramennis.

8 appearances

Dewy Tulips, Dora's Purple Sourmander, Leeroy Jenkins, Wanda's Unipegataur.

7 appearances

Leeroy's Red Dwagon, Manpower's Red Dwagon, Lady Phat-Singh, Superfluous Warlord.

6 appearances

Leather Valese, Phat-Singh's Pink Dwagon, Uncroaked Unipegataurs, Vurp, Wanda's Pink Dwagon.

5 appearances

Don King, Jillian's First Gwiffon, Muscular Transylvitian Warlord, Red-Shirted Transylvitian Warlord, Tarfu.

4 appearances

Bald Transylvitian Warlord, Blonde Transylvitian Warlord, Jack's Blue Dwagon, Janis, Mario-like Transylvitian Warlord.

3 appearances

Arkendish, Bunny, Green Bear Cloth Golem, Net-Carrying Archons, Pink Dwagon in forest hex, Purple Dwagon in forest hex, Rider of Blue Dwagon, Rider's Blue Dwagon, Yellow Dwagon in forest hex.

2 appearances

Al Frappacino, Archduke Ferdinand, Ashna, Carl, Cat Tchotchke, Charlie's Ansom Liaison, Charlie's Receptionist, Dr. Strange-like Caster, Elder Jetstone Warlord, Ensign Toast, Giraffe Cloth Golem, Henchman Mung, Jetstone's Dittomancer, Manpower's Gobwin Advisor, Marbit Allied Commander, Pink Bear Cloth Golem, Ross, King Saline IV, Spock-like Caster, Takashi, Wanda's Green Dwagon, Webinar's Unicorn Tchotchke, Wicked Witch-like Caster.

Named characters with 1 appearance

Banana, Duncan Scone, Fish Called Wanda, King Banhammer, Queen Bea, Zhopa.