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(Book 2 – Page 106)
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'''Infrequent Characters'''<br/>
'''Infrequent Characters'''<br/>
''11 through 20 Appearances''
''11 through 20 Appearances''
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<li value="12">[[Bunny]].
<li value="12">[[Bunny]].
<li value="11">[[Manpower the Temporary|Manpower]].
<li value="11">[[Manpower the Temporary|Manpower]].
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'''Incidental Characters'''<br/>
'''Incidental Characters'''<br/>
''Ten or Fewer Appearances''
''Ten or Fewer Appearances''

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This page catalogs the number of appearances each named character makes in the strip. This page was adapted by a similar page on the ErfWorld forums at Giant in the Playground. An appearance is any visual or audial appearance by a character, such as Charlie's off-screen instructions to his Archons, or when Jillian appears in pixellated form in Stanley's war room. Because the Arkenhammer was listed as a character in the original cast of characters page at Giant in the Playground, the Arkentools are included as named characters. Characters with a number in boldface after their name represent bonus appearances, either in news items, the mock-site at Hamstard.com, or in bonus pages in the books.

Most Recent Appearances: Book 2 – Page 106

Ace Hardware, Adam Antium, Bogroll, Hamstard, Jack Snipe, Parson Gotti, Slately (double)


Major Characters
More Than 60 Appearances

Minor Characters
31 through 60 Appearances

Frequent Characters
21 through 30 Appearances

Infrequent Characters
11 through 20 Appearances

  1. Isaac (+2), Jaclyn, Webinar
  2. Charlie, Duncan Scone.
  3. Lloyd Elliott.
  4. .
  5. Don King, Olive Branch.
  6. Cubbins, Dewy Tulips, Dora.
  7. Atomic Firebaugh, Jeftichew, Pierce.
  8. Loj Banhammer, Vurp.
  9. Bunny.
  10. Manpower.

Incidental Characters
Ten or Fewer Appearances

  1. Nozzle.
  2. Delphie Temple, Misty, Phillip, Pom Fritz.
  3. Bart Lightrail, Clay Dice, Firebaugh, Leather Valese, Leeroy Jenkins, Zhopa.
  4. Chip Tunage, Hedda Splode, Orwell, Phat-Singh, Sean Mattox.
  5. Archer, Arkendish, Artemis, Benjamin, Judy Gale.
  6. Broadway Tony, Larry Ansell, Phoebe, Sammy, Tarfu, Vanna.
  7. Bat *3, Crapsack, Downer.
  8. Al Frappacino, Bea, Ford, Lacrosse, Mack Ramay.
  9. Adderall Hawk, Ashna, Betsy Murgatroyd, Carl, Ferdinand (+1), Funnyface, Mary Sagittari, Monica, Moothfott, Mung, Rachel, Rex Cakes, Saline IV, Takashi, Toast, Uhura, Wrigley.
  10. Anne, Arkenshoes, Banana, Carnie, Charlotte, Chris "firewheels" Miller, Chynna, Christian Sidehug, Emily, Fish Called Wanda, Fud, Gary Sagittari, Hilary, Holly Shortcake, Irony, Labeler, Norma Jeane, Nutro, Overpants, Perry Sagittari, Purina, Rudolfo Sagittari, Rusty Trombone, Topotato, Wendy.