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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.

Class: Piker-class infantry
Move: 7
Hits: 8
Combat: 4
Defense: 8
Special: Forest-capable

=Description= Most defiantly Apemen, don’t try and call them anything else. Just Apemen, got it?

The Apemen are a sentient race of humanoids.

Eight foot tall ape like creatures with rusty red fur that covers their eyes, they are Docile and leisurely, moving primarily by their sense of touch. When riled their hair stands on end making them appear larger, and will violently attack with surprising skill if cornered. They excell in gorilla warfare and primate tactics, receiving a bonus when fighting in Forests and are capable of fluidly veiling themselves into the environment. If the forest is thick enough they may be able to ‘jump’ to an adajacent hex.

They have a simple language composed of three simple words, each capable of holding a vast number of meanings. Common introductory phrases are;

Ook meaning ‘finger’, lit. ‘Your finger you fool’ Oook meaning ‘tree’, lit. ‘Oh you mean the tree’ Eek meaning ‘myself’, lit. ‘Now why are you pointing at me?’

Apemen will not ally themselves with any side that has Dwacomen / Lizawdmen as allies unless that side has a city that can pop Yeren.