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Race: Decrypted (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob (formerly Jetstone)
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Prince
Level: 10
Special: Leadership, Royal


For choice and memorable utterances, see Quotes: Prince Ansom.

Proposed Canon

"If the plan does not plan for problems outside the plan, then it isn't a plan at all."

Strengths: Leadership, Planning, Coalition Building

Weaknesses: Caution, Humility, Ability to Seal the Deal

First Appearance: TBFGK 7

Prince Ansom is the son of King Slately, and the older brother of Prince Ossomer and Prince Tramennis. He was formerly the Chief Warlord to King Slately of Jetstone and the leader of the military forces of the first Royal Crown Coalition against Lord Stanley. He croaked at the hands of Bogroll and was later decrypted by Wanda while using the Arkenpliers. He then served Lord Stanley as Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob until he was captured by Queen Jillian of Faq.

Before being decrypted, Ansom believed that Royals had a Titanic mandate to rule. He was also very loyal to Jetstone and to his father and brothers. Since he was decrypted, or "popped again", his ultimate loyalty has been to Wanda. But he hoped to reconcile his loyalties to Wanda and to Jetstone by persuading Jetstone to form an alliance with Gobwin Knob.

Ansom prefers no longer to be called Prince.Erf-b2-pP27Same-site.PNG

Personal Equipment


Wanda Firebaugh

Before Anson's death, the two were violently antagonistic. Because of his hatred for Stanley, Ansom naturally hated and despised Stanley's closest followers, including Wanda. Wanda was not only slaughtering Jetstone troops whom he badly wanted to defend, she was also defacing Jetstone's corpses, and using them to croak even more of his followers. Wanda considered Ansom to have stolen something from her that was of even greater value than the Jetstone troops she'd croaked. She may have been referring to the Arkenpliers or to Jillian or to both.

After Ansom's decryption, Ansom feels a deep love for Wanda, and hopes to gain her love in return. He resents the fact that Wanda frequently seeks Parson's advice, in part because he wants to show Wanda that she doesn't need any Warlord except him. Wanda took great pride in her ability to decrypt Ansom, and currently regards him as a very useful and loyal servant. She understands that both Parson and Ansom are talented Warlords, and tries to make the best use she can of both of their respective talents. In the final analysis, though, she feels she can make her own decisions, and so doesn't completely rely on either Parson or Ansom.

After finally being forced to accept that Jillian loves Ansom more than her, Wanda and Ansom's relationship has become tense.

Stanley the Tool

During Ansom's life the two despised each other. They were ideological opposites. Stanley had respect for Ansom's command ability. Ansom had no kind of respect for Stanley.

After decryption they share an ideology (Stanley's). Stanley seems to genuinely like Ansom now and has great respect for his tactical mind. Ansom is devoted to Stanley, but finds him irritating and can't help, despite his feelings of loyalty, seeing a lot of evidence that suggests that Stanley is an incompetent strategist.

Jillian Zamussels

The two did not know one another prior to the beginning of the RCC's campaign against Stanley. Although they knew each other for only a brief time, and were superficially very different, the deeper similarities which came from them both being Royal allowed them to develop a strong romantic relationship. Ansom invited Jillian to come to his tent during their first meeting at the beginning of Book One. Jillian nearly decided to join him then, but changed her mind while walking towards his tent. Her initial ambivalence about starting a romantic relationship with Ansom is probably attributable to the fact that she was already involved in a relationship with Wanda. Despite Jillian's hesitations, Ansom continually trusted Jillian despite large amounts of evidence pointing to her being a traitor. The love that Jillian and Ansom shared gave Jillian the strength and desire to break Wanda's suggestion spell.

Jillian was deeply troubled by the death of Ansom at the Battle of Gobwin Knob. Charlie's revelation that Ansom had been decrypted by Wanda played a major role in Jillian's decision to ally with Charlie. After traveling to Jetstone, and giving Jetstone what she believed was a decisive military advantage, by having Vanna and Charlie prematurely end Gobwin Knob's turn, Jillian formulated and carried out a plan to capture Ansom. She hopes that Vanna will eventually be able to Turn Ansom. But turning Ansom may have become more difficult, because he strongly disapproves of Jillian's decision at Progrock to croak instead of capture all of the decrypted units in that city.

Vinny Doombats

Before Ansom was croaked and decrypted, the two were good friends and frequently confided in each other. Ansom seemed to completely trust Vinny's judgement and loyalty. Vinny considered Ansom stiff but forgave him for that. Vinny was able to provide Ansom with useful tactical advice, in large part because he tried to understand the enemy. When Ansom was croaked, Vinny was heartbroken and cried in Jillian's arms. The two have not interacted since Ansom's decryption.


Ansom's reanimation brought him back to a very close semblance of life, possibly with some missing memories, but with his skill set intact. While he still feels love for Jetstone and Jillian, these emotions are entirely overwhelmed by the love and devotion he feels for his "Mistress" Wanda.

As of Summer Update 33, his attack strength appears to be 25 without Leadership bonuses, unless he has some as-yet unmentioned bonuses or his own Leadership doesn't apply to himself. If his own Leadership applies, his basic attack strength is 15. Both figures likely include max stack bonus.


Prince Ansom's coalition forces included several sides including his own Jetstone tribe, other Royal-ruled tribes, various allied tribes of Elves, and Marbits, as well as a small barbarian force, chiefly Jillian Zamussels, and, at times, some Charlescomm forces, in a mercenary capacity. His goal was to conquer Stanley's last remaining city and put an end to him. As the story began, he anticipated an easy victory, given the massive numerical superiority of his forces and Stanley's history of inept leadership.

His publicly declared reason for leading the fight was to rid the world of Stanley's "great evil" (several of the other coalition members have been attacked by Stanley, though Jetstone itself has suffered only minor skirmishes with him prior to the current war according to Vinny). However, Vinny Doombats suspected that his real motivation is that he disliked how Stanley's rose from common infantry unit to Ruler. Ansom would deflect the question rather than answer it, giving the impression that the suspicion was correct.

Ansom strongly believed in the special status of royalty and nobility, considering it to be part of the right and proper order of things. This manifests as a strong sense of noblesse oblige and personal courage. On the other hand, it fed his tendency toward overconfidence and caused him to underestimate his "inferiors". The latter aspect of Ansom's personality was exploited by Parson as part of his plan to lead him into a trap.

He was in possession of, but was not attuned to, the Arkenpliers. Even unattuned, they have the ability to "turn most uncroaked to dust" but in his hands, showed no quirks like the Arkenhammer's ability to turn walnuts into birds and vice versa.

Ansom was ambushed by a veiled Bogroll, who was pretending to surrender as Parson. The twoll tackled him off of the Tower of Efdup, and thus Ansom was croaked. Bogroll died moments later, burned by the mob of enraged RCC troops in the Courtyard.

Following the Volcano Uncroaking, Ansom's corpse came into the possession of Wanda Firebaugh, who had recovered the Arkenpliers and attuned to them. She proceeded to raise Ansom, but the result was very different than previous uncroakings. Ansom returned as a Level 10 Warlord, with nearly intact memory, an unknown but large amount of independence and volition, no upkeep cost, and will not decay. His visual appearance was not significantly changed, although his personal symbol of radishes were replaced with skulls. Superficially, he appears as a living human. Mentally, however, he had changed greatly. Ansom was now loyal to his "Mistress" Wanda and has renounced his previous prejudices in favor of Royalty. Specifically, he agrees with Parson's statement declaring royalty to be "obsolete" -- a statement intended as an insult calculated to fluster and anger him into recklessness, but which Ansom now considers to be a sign that Parson spoke for the Titans themselves. Eventually he was elevated to replace Parson Gotti as the Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob, but after being captured by Jillian, Parson was promoted back to Chief Warlord. While in command Ansom desired to take over the world in order to demonstrate his value to Wanda, and hopefully gain her love.

Real World References

Ansom's name is likely a play on the "Handsome Prince" and "Prince Charming", archetypal characters common in fairy tales. The combination gives "Prince Handsome". The three brothers Tramennis, Ossomer, and Ansom all use the same naming convention (slurred pronunciations of Tremendous, Awesomer, and Handsome respectively) in keeping with the pattern of related characters having related names.

When in battle Ansom dresses like real-world daredevil Evel Knievel, particularly when he is performing stuntsErf-b1-p062Same-site.PNG.

Shortly after his decryption he asks to be referred to as "The warlord formerly known as Prince". This is a reference to the artist formerly known as prince.

Preceded by:
Prince Forthewin?
Chief Warlord of Jetstone Succeeded by:
Prince Ossomer
Preceded by:
Parson Gotti
Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob Succeeded by:
Parson Gotti