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=Proposed Canon=
=Proposed Canon=
Prince Ansom was formerly the [[Chief Warlord]] to [[King Slately]] of [[Jetstone]] and the leader of the [[Royal Crown Coalition]] against [[Stanley the Tool|Lord Stanley]]. He [[croaking|croaked]] at the hands of [[Bogroll]] and was later [[uncroaked]] by Wanda while using the [[Arkenpliers]].  
Prince Ansom was formerly the [[Chief Warlord]] to [[King Slately]] of [[Jetstone]] and the leader of the [[Royal Crown Coalition]] against [[Stanley the Tool|Lord Stanley]]. He [[croaking|croaked]] at the hands of [[Bogroll]] and was later [[decrypted]] by Wanda while using the [[Arkenpliers]].

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Prince Ansom
Race: Men
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Warlord
Level: 10
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

Prince Ansom was formerly the Chief Warlord to King Slately of Jetstone and the leader of the Royal Crown Coalition against Lord Stanley. He croaked at the hands of Bogroll and was later decrypted by Wanda while using the Arkenpliers.


At the moment Ansom expressed a wish to be the captain of the army of Gobwin Knob. His reanimation brought him back to a very close semblance of life, with some missing memories, but his skill set intact, although he appears to be mentally enslaved to Wanda.


Prince Ansom's forces included his own Jetstone tribe, other Royal-ruled tribes, various tribes of Elves, and Marbits. His goal was to conquer Stanley's last remaining city and put an end to him. As the story began, he anticipated an easy victory, given the massive numerical superiority of his forces and Stanley's history of inept leadership.

His publicly declared reason for leading the fight was to rid the world of Stanley's "great evil" (several of the other coalition members have been attacked by Stanley, though Jetstone itself has suffered only minor skirmishes with him prior to the current war). However, Vinny Doombats suspected that his real motivation is that he disliked Stanley's rise from common infantry unit to Overlord. Ansom would deflect the question rather than answer it, giving the impression that the suspicion was correct.

Ansom strongly believed in the special status of royalty and nobility. This manifests as a strong sense of noblesse oblige and personal courage. On the other hand, it fed his tendency toward overconfidence and caused him to underestimate his "inferiors".

He possessed, but was not attuned to, the Arkenpliers. Even unattuned, they have the ability to "turn most uncroaked to dust".

Ansom was ambushed by veiled Bogroll, who was pretending to surrender as Parson. The twoll took him for a fall from the Tower of Effdup, and thus Ansom was croaked. Bogroll died moments later, burned by the mob of enraged RCC troops in the Courtyard.

Following the Volcano Uncroaking, Ansom's corpse came into the possession of Wanda Firebaugh, who had recovered the Arkenpliers and attuned to them. She proceeded to uncroak Ansom, but the result was very different than previous uncroakings. Ansom returned as a Level 10 Warlord, with nearly intact memory, an unknown but large amount of independence and volition, no upkeep cost, and will not decay. His visual appearance was not significantly changed, although his personal symbol of radishes were replaced with skulls. Superficially, he appears as an alive human. Mentally, however, he had changed greatly. Ansom was now loyal to either Wanda, Gobwin Knob, Parson, or Stanley, and had rescinded his previous prejudices in favor of Royalty, and came to agree with much of the banter Parson had used in his attempts to fluster and disturb Ansom. Ansom currently is positioning himself as Parson's Captain and desires to take over the world for him as a servant of the Titan's will.

Real World References

Ansom's name is likely a play on the "Handsome Prince", an archetypal character in most fairy tales.
When in battle Ansom dresses like real-world daredevil Evel Kinevel, particularly when he is performing stuntsErf-b1-p062Same-site.PNG.