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Proposed Canon

An Alliance in Erfworld is a temporary or semipermanent union of Sides. While Alliances may involve carefully prepared contracts with many optional results, there are three inherent results of an Alliance:

  • Units without a leader will not attack Units of an allied Side. If a unit does strike an allied unit too hard, it breaks alliance.IPTSF Text 76
  • Units from allied sides may stack together.
  • Allied Sides share the same Turn, and always move on the Turn of the allied Side in the Turn order.

Known alliances include:

Alliances can be used strategically by sides whose turns are later in the day. When many Sides gang up on an enemy Side, the Sides that move before the enemy may form into an Alliance while those that move after may form into a separate Alliance. This can allow some units in a single Army to surprise the enemy by taking two consecutive Turns -- the first at the end of the day before breaking Alliance, then the second at the beginning of the next day after forming a new Alliance. Care must be taken to ensure that when the original Alliance is broken, Units from the separate Alliances do not make contact.


Further consequences of Alliance may include:

  • Warlords may provide instruction to Units of an allied Side. This does not carry the same weight as a direct order, but is nonetheless part of the unit's Duty to its side.

An alliance can't be broken while units from both sides are stacked together. They must split before one side can break the alliance.

According to Lord Crush, when stable alliances of more than 3 sides are formed, 1 of the sides generally ends up betraying the alliance to an outside group. The treacherous side always ends up themselves betrayed and wiped out. While this is most likely just an ordinary pattern of history, it is also possible that this is a deliberate and subtle manipulation by Fate, as one of the many mechanisms designed to keep Erfworld in a permanent state of war.