Al Frappacino

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Al Frappacino
Race: Uncertain
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

"Big" Al Frappacino is a Transylvitian Warlord. He acts as regent for the city of Aqua Velva. He keeps fish as pets.


Al's race is not certain. Al is described as a "man" with a tan in Summer Update 13, but has vampire ears in the pictures of 13 and 14. He does not fly and is fat (Don_King is also fat, so this is not an indicator).

  • He may be a vampire too fat to fly, and Jillian may call any humanoid unit a "man".
  • He may be a vampire, and Jillian was simply calling him a "man" in reference to his gender, as opposed to his race.
  • He may be a man that wears something on his ears to look more like his vampire friends.
  • He may be a comedic character created with Rob's dramatic license simply to make us laugh.
  • He may be a half vampire making reference to his last name.

Real World References

"Al Frappacino's" name is a reference to American actor Al Pacino, who is well known for playing mobsters like Michael Corleone in The Godfather films.[1] A "frappuccino" is also the name of a blended coffee drink sold by Starbucks, though it is spelled slightly differently than Al's last name.[2]

Al's attire, which consists of a toga, gold garland and sandals, is reminiscent of a Real World Roman patrician.

In Summer Update 13, Al calls himself "a weird guy."