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It's raining Gwiffs, hallelujah! It's raining Gwiffs, amen!

Proposed Canon

An Air Power is a side that can pop Heavy Flyer class units, or most of whose units are flyers.[1] In addition to being able to Pop basic Infantry, Casters, and Warlords, they can pop a variety of flying units, like mounts, and their air units are presumably more powerful ones than Land and Sea powers can pop. For example, while Jetstone can only pop Unipegataurs and Orlys (Mounts and normal sized unit respectively), Faq can pop the Heavy Megalogwiffs; which are able to rival Dwagons.

Being able to pop flying units isn't exclusive to Air powers. Land powers may be able to only pop some types of flyers, though they may have inferior Stats to their Air power counterparts. For example, the Land power Homekey's Hippo-drones were considered "measly" as air units for defense.[2]

Air powers have advantages and disadvantages compared to Land powers and Sea powers. Their forces usually have a lot more Move and can thus range farther afield. Air powers are generally harder to defend against for Land and Sea powers unused to them, but with the right preparations they can be caught off guard. In one such case, Carpool boosted the Air defenses of Chocula by adding spells to the tower with a Shockmancer, and filling the city with Archers and Airheads. This cost the attacking Transylvito air units under Caesar Borgata dearly.[3]

One strategy available to Air powers is a fast-attack blitz tactic.[4] Early in his Chief Warlord career Stanley used his Dwagons in a series of lightning strikes across vulnerable cities, cutting a swath through them and razing them for Shmuckers. However, air powers seem unable to naturally pop ground Heavies, which can leave them vulnerable to attacks by ground. Faq supplemented this weakness by recruiting the Western Giants as Natural Allies. Transylvito used it's Dollamancer to create heavy cloth golems.

Air powers may also be unable, or unwilling, to cross vast swaths of ocean.[5] While it's unlikely for a Sea power to run across a force of flyers anywhere far from the coast, former King Banhammer of Faq expressed a preference for an island kingdom, so presumably Air powers can explore the ocean, but are unused to it.[6]

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