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This is an attempt to figure out how old people are; it's a work in progress, please be patient.

Concrete Dates

  • Parson Gotti – Born December 7, 1982 (25 years at the launch of the comic) Erf-b1-p037aSame-site.PNG
    With 6 leap years, and a day being equal to a turn, Parson would be (365 * 25) + 6 or 9131 turns at the start of The Battle for Gobwin Knob.
  • Artemis – 1854 as of Love Is a Battlefield Erf-b2-pT50Same-site.PNG

Approximate Dates

In Relation to Love is a Battlefield

In Relation to Events

  • Jillian Zamussels – Over 200 turns when WRECD was formed IPTSF Text 27
    • It is unknown how long Jillian allowed people to call her Princess before that.
    • It is unknown how many turns have passed since then.
  • Vinny Doombats – Over 200 turns before he visited Transylvito for the first timeErf-b1.5-p17Same-site.PNG
    • It is unknown how many turns have passed since then.

Ages Relative to Other Characters

Jetstone Royal Family

This is based on the assumption that the names in LIAB Text 33 are in chronological order. The only definite numbers are 1, 2, 3 and 16 out of 23.

I'm assuming Ansom is older than Ossomer, since Ansom handed the 'pliers to him in LIAB Text 29

  • 1. Victor
  • 2. ???
  • 3. Lustrius
  • Titas
  • Forthewin
  • Wonderloaf

—9 more—

  • 16. Tramennis
  • ???
  • Ansom
  • ???
  • Ossomer