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This is an attempt to figure out how old people are; it's a work in progress, please be patient.

Concrete Dates

  • Parson Gotti – Born December 7, 1982 (25 years at the launch of the comic) Erf-b1-p037aSame-site.PNG
    With 6 leap years, and a day being equal to a turn, Parson would be (365 * 25) + 6 or 9131 turns at the start of The Battle for Gobwin Knob.

Approximate Dates

  • King Slately – Roughly 3000 turns, as of Love Is a Battlefield Erf-b2-pT33Same-site.PNG
  • Don King – At least 415 turns, as of Love Is a Battlefield Erf-b2-pT5Same-site.PNG
    Don was popped, became King at 15 turns, took a tour of Transylvito of unknown duration, and hasn't left the capital in over 400 turns.

Relative Dates

  • Wanda Firebaugh
    • Popped after: Atomic Firebaugh, Delphi Temple, Clay Dice, Olive Branch, Jack Snipe, Marie
    • Popped before: Jillian Zamussels