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Proposed Canon

According to the Book of Canon, when an Erfworlder croaks, they will go to an afterlife determined by their unit type and deeds. In an interesting contradiction, the Book of Ray claims that returning from the afterlife is impossible and forbidden.

Analogs of Heaven

Units that do their Duty well and perform exceptional service in life earn a special reward. Which specific location they go is dependent on what type of unit they are.

Heavenlike Locations

Analogs of Limbo

Most units are not judged to have performed particularly good or bad and are described as “rejoining the spirit of the world,” “returning to zero,” and “going back into the box.” Erfworlders interpret this to mean they will lose their sense of self, and perhaps experience a state of eternal bliss.

Analogs of Hell

Units that do something particularly bad, betray their side or willfully shirk their duty retain their identity. They end up in a place of infinite wrongness, where everything clashes with who they are, and where they can never find a sense of peace or satisfaction.

Hell-like Locations