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Proposed Canon

A Side that fought against Jetstone, ultimately losing the campaign. It existed within one thousand eight hundred, fifteen turns before AW 75. LIAB Text 50


Since the Ad Council historically promoted the Rosie the Riveter fictional character, to promote the employment of women during World War II, as well as the famous "loose lips might sink ships" campaign, a historic scene might have some allusions to these campaigns. Likewise McGruff the Crime Dog was a part of another campaign of the Ad Council and may be seen in the future as a unit type or a City. The publicity around Nancy Reagans War against drugs included the "just say no" campaign with Ad Council producing PSAs about frying eggs and brains. It's not clear how a campaign "Friends don't let friends drive drunk" can be tied into the Erf story, but it wouldn't be surprising if Balder does so in some way.

Unit Types