Ace Hardware

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Proposed Canon

"This is a great day! A great day!"

Strengths: Creativity, Gung-Ho

Weaknesses: Dealing With Disappointment, Persecution Complex

First Appearance: LIAB Text 30

Ace, Lord Hardware, is a Dollamancer in service to Jetstone. He popped in Dhrystone following the loss of Chief Dollamancer Holly Shortcake. He has served under four Chief Warlords, meaning he began under the Chief predating Ansom.

He is tall and brawny, with metal gauntlets that cover his entire arms, a shirt that shows off his abs, boots, and a tall flat-top haircut, and carries a huge multi-bow accessory.

He specializes in accessories (Hardware), and wishes to create action figures.

He finds using plush and glass boring, and perhaps emasculating, and finds dolls distasteful, to the point he finds Transylvito's Dollamancer, who specializes in them, a pervert.

He created the Bracer Blaster for Ossomer.

Along with the Healomancer and Dittomancer, Ace was sent to defend the hex on Jetstone's side of the Expository Bridge.

Is friends with Cubbins, who helped him pursue his creative interests as a sort of hobby, helping him maintain his sanity.

Real World References

Ace Hardware is a chain hardware store serving the United States. Of course the "hardware" Ace specializes in is more military hardware, or small arms and ordnance, than hammers and drills.

Ace himself resembles an action figure, and is likely based on Chip Hazard, the commander of the Commando Elite in the movie Small Soldiers. This emphasizes his focus on action figures and combat oriented accessories as an alternative to dolls and plush as possible applications of Dollamancy