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$10 says this is a spammer.

Already blocked. Miment 05:25, 25 January 2011 (UTC)
Possibly abandoned, but on general principles....
Stanley.png / SPAM.jpg

This account is suspected of being a spammer (looking similar by name and perhaps other criteria to the sort of account created by bots), but has not yet been spotted actually spamming. It may instead merely be some poor schmuck who didn't bother to promptly create a user/talk page for themself. If you are the user of this account, sorry; please remove the template marker from your page, and replace with some more interesting (ErfWorld related) content.

(Please upgrade this to {{spammer}} if you found a spam "contribution" from this user).

Admins may wish to examine this page's history to see how long this allegation of schmuckitude has been left undisputed.

We've been getting a spree of bot accounts. Your name looks like one, so I'm pre-emptivly blocking you for 1 day. Post something on User_talk:Miment if you're not a bot.