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Hello folks! I'm a frequent visitor because I'm working on a tabletop turn-based game that replicates that Erfworld setting, but I've not bothered to register until now. After noticing a number of missing pages and some illogically formatted pages, I decided I'd join and help tidy things up a bit.

Current Project(s)

What drew my to join as an editor were the missing "Natural -mancy" pages, so thats what I'm starting with. I am going to go replace all "Natural-mancy" pages with redirects to the associated -mancy page, and also go through every magic page to add a "Natural" section to bring these related topics together. I'm also on the look-out for general improvement of Magic-related pages.

Now, while the above is still true, in the course of my browsing I'm finding lots of other things I want to fix up, mostly formatting/house-keeping things, so more updates there as they come.

Visitor Comments/Suggestions/Questions

I welcome others' input, so feel free to post anything here for me to read.