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A Thinkagram is a Spell of the Thinkamancy Discipline.

Proposed Canon

Thinkagrams are a means of long distance communication between two or more Units. The Spell can be one-way or two-way. The Spell is cast by the Caster, who does not need to be the target.

Unknown to non-Thinkamancers, (according to LIAB_Text_38) a Thinkagram is not one type of spell. There is a spectrum, from which a Thinkamancer can choose one or more bands to communicate within.

One of the more common forms involves projecting a floating, visual image of the target with Foolamancy before the recipientErf-b1-p109Same-site.PNG, allowing other Units in the vicinity to observe the effect. Anything spoken by the target is heard by the recipient and other observers. If the two-way version is cast, an image of the recipient is displayed to the target and anyone observing the casting: anything spoken by the recipient is also heard by the target and observers. For the duration of the Spell, the fingers of the Caster are held in a rectangle, index fingers to thumbs of opposite handErf-b1-p068Same-site.PNG, as a Director or Photographer might in a TV show. The image of the recipient appears in front of this rectangle.Erf-b1-p091Same-site.PNG

A Thinkamancer can make the Thinkagram more immersive by using Thinkspace, in which the participants communicate in a sort of mental world.

Words need not be spoken aloud during a Thinkagram, and can be mouthed out and mentally projected instead if stealth is necessary.

Prisoners cannot normally receive Thinkagrams, though there are ways to work around this.

In addition to Thinkamancers, it is known that at least some Archons have the ability to cast Thinkagrams.Erf-b1-p068-p7Same-site.PNG

A Thinkamancer can either conduct a single long conversation, or several short ones. If a Thinkamancer sends a Thinkagram to another Thinkamancer, the juice cost is halved.


Given the fact that a Thinkamancer can do 1 long conversation or a few short ones, it is likely most of the juice cost is spent initiating it, with a considerably smaller cost needed to maintain it.