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Converts a name to a wikified name:

[[subst:ID|Stanley]] => Stanley --straightforward substitution

[[subst:ID|Stanley the Plaid]] => Stanley the Plaid -- another straightforward substitution

[[subst:ID|Caster]] => Caster --Substitution when there is no canonical name is a no-op

[[subst:ID|Stanley|him]]=>him --Occasionally the plaintext cannot key the appropriate substitution.

The idea is to be able to wikify a bunch of text with minimal work, just by wrapping
[[subst:ID|...]] or occasionally
[[subst:ID|Name|...]] around the terms to be wikified, and having the system do the appropriate linkage. This is reliant on a large collection of aliases. but I'm experimenting with two.
unfortunately, I'm floundering about how to make this work.