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Mercenaries or Not?

Here's my stance:

  • The Warlords, pikers, stabbers and Jillian are all Faq units, and they're not being hired by their own side to find this city.
  • They have acted as mercenaries in the past, yes, but for WRECD they are acting exclusively as a scouting party for Faq.
  • The Bounty on Haffaton they accepted was to maintain their cover, not an assignment they plan on actually pursuing.
  • WRECD did not hire any outside units to help them hunt for a new Capital.

They are Faq units, on a Faq mission, and they're not doing it for Shmuckers. They're not mercenaries. –No one in particular 18:02, 3 November 2012 (EDT)

Tish, pshaw, nonsense, of course they are mercenaries. They don't suddenly stop being mercenaries between contracts, they don't stop being mercenaries when they're sitting in Faq having Tea and biscuits, they don't stop being mercenaries when they can't find any work due to their proximity to Haffaton and they really, really don't stop being mercenaries when they're being paid to fight others, as they were at Diecast, thanks to that bounty they had on Haffaton Units. Rather ineffective mercenaries given the result of Diecast, pissant mercenaries one might say, but mercenaries nonetheless. -Whispri 22:35, 3 Nov '12 (GMT)