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Winning the knife fight

Interesting point, that I think is correct. It's not a guarantee by itself, but I think it adds weight to the other evidence. I never looked before, but it seems Transylvito lost three warlords in the battle - including our suspendered, mustachioed pal, and two faceless warlords we never see, as Transylvito brought ten warlords to help Vinny and Jillian, and at nightfall there were only seven plus Vinny and Jillian - Commander I. Heartly Noah 18:35 June 11 2009

Our suspendered, mustachioed pal, I had always thought was named Mario because he so resembles Mario from the uber successful Mario Brothers video games and from the name Mario Puzo, the Author of "The Godfather" which ties in with Transylvitos Cosa Nostra tones. Also, our dear authors appear to love triangulated puns for their character names or perhaps its just their fans like finding them - User:DanKaplan. 18:35 June 16 2009