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Rob made it clear in a WoT that bats have the ability to transfer images to their owners, not the other way around. --Kreistor 01:35, 9 June 2009 (UTC)


We haven't seen Don King fly either, but we don't use him as an example of non-flying Transylvitians.... All I'm saying is that we're reading too much into individual instances either way. Why should Don King fly if he's only been shown indoors? -- DevilDan

Trying to make a few sourced links, but don't actually know the template for linking to Epilogues.-- Shai


Has a vampire ever been uncroaked or decrypted? -- Frankie

  • Nope. Transylvito has limited its direct involvement in the war against Gobwin Knob, and as such none of them have been in Wanda's presence for uncroaking or decryption. As to whether they are alive, they don't decay and happen to be popped, so they aren't uncroaked. If they could turn other Erfworlders, I'm sure it would have been mentioned by now. While I cannot be one hundred percent sure on this, I am fairly confident that Erfworld vampires aren't undead.