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Source Citation

Could we get a source for: 'The closest ally of Transylvito in the RCC was Unaroyal.' I don't recall and can't seem to find it referenced. Xewleer

Here: Ceasar doesn't explicitly say that their closest ally is unaroyal, but that they are closer to some, followed by saying that Unaroyal called them. So it's an obvious assumption. --Welf von Ehrwald 11:39, 11 May 2009 (UTC)


I would like to change the Cities header to Strategic Locations; this page is the first Side page to have a location header for a point smaller than its Capital, so this seems worthy of some discussion.

Indoor plumbing

Is Transylvito unique for its water closet? GK, Jetstone, and Faq did not have them/this(summer update 19) is the first mention of indoor plumbing we have seen. I think it is worth mentioning on the page, but there does not seem to be a features section. - McKaskle

Just wanted to note that this is also being discussed on Talk:Technology#Add_Waterclosets_or_plumbing_to_this_page?. --MisterB777 17:12, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Cultural Speculation

Transylvito goes further in its mafia-inspired nature by having a number of ancient Italian elements about it. Al Frappuccino's toga, the latin sounding names Aqua Velva and Vitalis, the presence of an old aqueduct... the name Caesar, even. - No one in particular