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So, currently this redirects to The Gobwin Knob Campaign (it had been redirecting to the battle for Gobwin Knob). Which I think is imperfect at best. See, the Gobwin Knob Campaign, as described now, involves the period of the first book, which is handy enough, covers a complete book, from an early conflict to a "final" resolution. The whole planning, approach, and attack on Gobwin Knob itself and the associated side conflicts. I'm cool with that remaining as is. But the Great Western Conflict and TBFGK or TGKC aren't the same thing. When Charlie called it TGWK, we weren't even close to the final showdown at GK, so no distinction was really necessary. But now the battle has continued, and our perspective has widened to include many more sides and battles. So, we need to make certain decisions (or wait for more info). First off, I feel that The Great Western Conflict continues at least from the formation of the Royal Crown Coalition and on into the present page, er, turn. Whatever. But the question is, is The Great Western Conflict just the battle between GK and the RCC? Or does it include ALL the fighting in that location and time, including Transylvito/Carpool, Haggar/Jetstone, FAQ/Jitterati, RCC/GK, GK/Unaroyal, even GK/Milquetoast? Is it one war or everything that we currently know about and more? And how do we set up the page/add it into the current battles/campaigns structure? -- CIHN 10/13