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Why is this called "the Gobwin Knob Campaign"? Wouldn't a better name be something like "The Arkentools War"?

It's been called the Gobwin Knob Campaign for as long as I've been here. I think it's the RCC's name for it. After all, Gobwin Knob is the name of the side they were fighting, not just the city. Miment 19:22, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

If any change is made, it would be to "the Great Western Conflict," but that's an iffy thing, as while Charlie's reference to that name predated the final battle for Gobwin Knob, and all the information we had at that point was centered on GK vs RCC, round 1, since that time there has been a round 2, with no real stopping in between, as well as several secondary and tertiary fights (Transylvito vs Carpool, Jetstone vs Haggar, Faq vs Jitterati) that might be included from the perspective of those who call it the "Great Western Conflict." It would certainly make it a greater conflict. And remember, all the way through the final battle (which is as far as this campaign goes, at least as it's written now), there was only one Arkentool in use. The tools/royals conflict wasn't born yet. Even though Ansom had a tool, it wasn't even self-billed as Tool vs tool. No, I think "The Gobwin Knob Campaign" will serve us just fine until we get another name from the horse's mouth, and/or a better understanding of the boundaries and distinctions between the various conflicts we know about. CIHN