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Removed from the page as too speculative for a comic page (which don't have the Canon/Proposed Canon/Speculation breakdown and are relied upon most stringently as being "correct."):

    1. The rider on the Dwagon in the background looks like Jack Snipe in silhouette (Faq's [Now Stanley's] Foolamancer). The character looks like it may be wearing a purple robe and has the same hair style as Jack. If it is him then he was likely riding a Gwiffon disguised as a Dwagon to spy on Stanley in keeping with Wanda's dialogue. Other possibilities include having hidden the Arkenhammer for Stanley to find after it had been in his possession or acting as messenger from Wanda for her "arrangement".

To my eye, the rider looks no different from the other riders in the next panel. Color of clothing is completely indistinguishable, and moreover, if the "haircut" looks like Jack's, this is evidence against it being him, as if he were somehow spying on Stanley, he would make himself look like one of Stanley's troops. In aggregate, this is a strange and baseless theory formed around the imagined sighting of a character out of place. - CIHN