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"There is an unknown maximum size to a stack." Do we know there is a maximum size, which is unknown, or should this read 'It is unknown if there is a maximum size to a stack'?

... I'm pretty sure there's a reference to maximum strength stacks during the initial GK attacks on Unaroyal (possibly during the march to Warchalking).

Actually, the only reference we have is that the maximum size of a stack for you to get bonuses just for being in a stack is 8 units, making 8 unit stacks "max" stacks.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG However, up to this point, I haven't seen anything that suggests there is an upper limit to the theoretical size of a stack, just a practical one. Wanda was, for instance, leading far more than 8 uncroaked in the dancefighting sequence at the end of Book 1.Erf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG If you find a passage in the text that refutes this, please add your findings to the page and cite your source. That would be really good info to have! --MisterB777 17:01, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

I believe that 'max stack' is shorthand for Commanders to say "everyone get in one stack." While there is a limit to the number of units for a bonus, I don't believe a maximum stack size exists. It wouldn't seem to make sense to me for there to be one. Bonus, yes. Limit on the actual number of units? Why? -Housellama

I don't think it's explicit anywhere, but I submit that there probably is an upper limit. At any rate, let's examine the theoretical retreat of King Slately from Spacerock. Tramennis says he should take a "Max Stack" including all the casters and "top" "tower" units and escape, while he remains behind to choose whether or not he wants to fight. Now, what does "max stack" mean in this context? Let's consider the possibilities. 1) Eight. Tramennis is suggesting that Slately try to escape with only seven retainers, four of whom are the casters, and three of whom we can assume are warlords or heavies. Is Tramennis suggesting that four casters and the Ruler of the side (essentially the side itself) escape with only three bodyguards? I don't think so. That seems pretty risky. Stealth and speed are one thing, but this is essentially as risky as strapping a rocket pack to him. At any rate, the image of the planned action shows at least a dozen. 2) Everyone. The theory goes that with no upper limit, you max a stack by putting everyone together. Clearly in this situation, many available troops are to remain behind. 3) There is an upper limit. 20, 40, 100, whatever. Tramennis is allocating to his father/King every unit that can be placed directly under his command without splitting into multiple stacks. I like this one, obviously, but I'm open to the following as well: 4) It's shorthand for "powerful." The best available troops, good warlords, etc. - User:Commander I. Heartly Noah

I suspect that the max stack size might be 32. It's just slightly over the number we know the Tool took with him when fleeing Gobwin Knob, and it's a nice multiple of the 8-man limit on the stack bonus.

Max stack bonus

Proposed canon says this.

The maximum stack bonus can be no greater than +6, as shown on LIAB Prologue 12: Ansom grants +10 to the units in his stack, Wanda grants +8 to Decrypted units in the same stack, and the lowest base combat rating in the entire column is 6, totaling 24. The lowest attack in the stack after bonuses is a 30, leaving at most 6 points to come from being in an 8-unit stack.

I believe that that canon is misleading in this case. When Ansom says "no unit within it had lower than six base attack," he means no unit under his command. Wanda is not under his command, so she doesn't count. That said, when he was talking about units in his stack, at this point, he WAS including Wanda. Which makes her the unit that had lowest attack, which was 30.

Therefore, every unit has a base 6 attack, except for Wanda, who has a base 5. If you go on these terms, then the max bonus for a stack is could be as high as +7, which agrees with the canon statement that the bonus maxes out with eight units a lot better then +6 does, because you can give a +1 bonus for every extra extra unit that joins the stack, up until you hit the max point.