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Other promotion ranks: Wasn't Bogroll promoted from "Henchman" to "Lackey", assuming those words have any special meaning? It's unclear where that would fall exactly, but "henchman" is probably the lowest of the low and "lackey" is at the very least less than chief warlord. Possibly less than other Commanders as well; but that's harder to figure out given the lack of evidence on the subject. R3u 08:49, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

I included a comment on that, but I don't like the formating on it. It's made pretty clear that 'henchman' and 'lackey' are ranks, and one can get a promotion between them.--> ERK!|eyeBook me 22:27, 7 May 2009 (UTC)
Seems to me that henchman and lackey would both be above (or at least to the side of) basic combat units. Also, I don't like commander being below warlord. Warlords are commanders, commander just means you can lead troops. Casters are also commanders, and though they lack leadership, I wouldn't rate them as below warlords. Commander I. Heartly Noah 31 May 2009
Also, since this is "Promotion" and not "Rank," Casters won't be getting promoted to or from, they won't be involved, so you can throw "Commander" right out too, and just make it Infantryman (isn't that the wrong word too? a cavalryman could be promoted... how about "Troop"?) - Warlord - Chief Warlord. Since you aren't promoted to it, Ruler isn't included either. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009

Rank vs. Promotion

I started to create a page on Rank, but decided for now that it falls under this page's purview. I'm not totally happy with it though. I wonder if Rank should be the page, and Promotion the redirect. It seems odd to put ranks under promotion when the majority of what we have to say about promotion is a list of ranks. --> ERK!|eyeBook me 22:26, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

It seems to me that Promotion would be a subsection of Rank, not the other way around. Dunno if it's worth changing though. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009