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Speculation on Numbers in Magic

Erf deals with the world. Fate deals with people. Numbers is behind it all, the mechanics of the universe, silently churning away.

Numbers in Erfworld could involve probability, but can also involve unit stats.

Mathamancy - numbers and life - understanding the mathematical realities of life. simple.

Weirdomancy - numbers and motion - making unlikely events happen would involve both, I guess

Dittomancy - numbers and matter - multiplying things, carbon copies, etc.

Foolamancy - numbers, life, and motion - The abscense of matter. "Life" and motion without matter? Holograms.

Date-a-mancy - numbers, life, and matter - No motion. Hm. Is it Date-a-mancy, or Data-mancy? Hm. The Date part covers numbers, life would involve units, and matter might involve... yeah, I dunno.

Deletionism - numbers, motion, and matter - making things disappear would be matter, and I guess motion - deleting stats would be numbers, or just "subtracting" units from an army would be numbers minus life

Rhyme-o-mancy - numbers, life, motion, and matter - if Rhyme-o-mancy is music-based, that accounts for numbers, motion, matter, and life - they're all required components of music

Moneymancy - numbers alone, money really isn't anything, it's an abstract concept we structure our society around

Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009