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Motion in Magic

Spookism (Motion) Movement of erf, Using Fate to animate or manipulate things?, Changing probabilites?

Eyemancy: (with Life) Viewing life anywhere, manipulating units, Moving pictures.

Naughtymancy (with Matter) Manipulation of matter on erf, using Fate to animate the dead, Removing numbers or matter?

Stagemancy (with both) Transmitting information or matter, Manipulating Fate?, Motion of Numbers with Matter = life? song?

Abscence of Motion

Hocus Pocus: (Life) Observation, not manipulation.

Stuffamancy (Matter) Harvesting, changing, duplicating, but not moving.

Hippiemancy (both) Status quo, unchanging, peace.

Clevermancy (none) Something from nothing.

Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009