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I question the need for three separate pages on these three archons when it's just as likely that they'll never be mentioned again. There's at least two dozen archons that were decrypted: are we going to create identical pages for all of them? Seems to make much more sense to add a note to the archons page. It's like the Banana page... at best, it should be a note in pages on Parson, flight, or dwagons.

I probably should have made one page for all three as they're clearly a trio; but I erred on caution in case the trio got split like the last trio we saw. It's hard to say who will be seen again and who won't. I guess it's a personal preference whether you like to see several smaller, even bare pages or one overloaded page.
We can create pages or split pages up later if they turn into characters. But for right now they just seem to be names that were mentioned. I posted an outline of what I consider character-worthy in the characters' talk page as this seems to be something that affects mutiple pages.--Paper Golem 11:26, 7 October 2009 (UTC)