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It has yet to be established whether different casters have different amounts of juice. Do different spells require different amounts of juice? Is there a way to see how much juice a caster has available to them? Does this juice increase when a link is established? Does it cost more juice to cast a spell that is outside the caster's specialty?

Vanna's big spell was informative. Different spells do require different amounts; she mentions that it cost two turns' worth of juice (on the other end of the scale, Maggie and Sizemore have both been seen spending "a little bit" of juice to perform minor tasks related to their specialities). Unless Vanna had "saved up" some juice from the previous turn, this also implies that the link with Charlie provided her with more than her usual amount (especially since she had enough left over to at least attempt turning a high-level unit).
There have also been a few occasions when warlords/rulers have asked their casters how their juice levels are, which implies it is not a visible stat.
I don't think it's been addressed as to whether or not juice capacity varies among casters, or if spells outside one's speciality take more juice. I suspect the latter isn't true, if only because casters seem to talk about cross-discipline casting more in terms of "talent"/"ability" than anything else.
-- 13:50, 13 May 2011 (UTC)