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Speculation on Erf in Magic

Fate controls the paths of units and sides. Numbers deals in likelihoods and abstracts. Erf is the world around you, the terrain, reality itself.

Findamancy - Erf and Life - Finding life on erf.

Turnamancy - Erf and Motion - as the Erf turns... erm, change in the erf? Moving people from place to place? Supports out-of-turn movement more than double-dealing, I guess...

Dirtamancy - Erf and Matter - Manipulating the Erf itself.

Lookamancy - Erf, Life, and Motion - Watching the motion of life on erf. Observing its changes.

Flower Power - Erf, Life, and Matter - Maintaining life, preserving matter... the absence of motion. No change. Flaking. Time standing still.

Shockmancy - Erf, Motion, and Matter - Change or movement of matter, absence of Life. Shock and awe.

Hat Magic - Erf, Life, Motion, and Matter - Transmission of matter and knowledge (life) across the erf.

Luckamancy - Erf alone. Devoid of the influences of Fate and Numbers (Predictamancy and Mathamancy), untied to Life, Motion, or Matter (which seek to change or control), luckamancy is free to do the impossible. Or not.

Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009

I find this table to be useful. I am moving it to the Erf page.