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Transylvito dwinks should have Bacardi (with the arguable exception of Vinny).

<President_Allosaurus> A wanda should be dangerous and used sparsely and -never- mixed with the Jillian.
<Namegduf> Mixing with the Jillian results in pain. Fun, fun pain.
<Zebranky> The Jillian should be bubbly.
<QuinDraco> Perhaps Wanda could contain Coca Cola, and Jillian could contain Mentos.
<QuinDraco> I think it's diet coke specifically, come to think of it.
<Zebranky> I'd reverse that
<President_Allosaurus> I question what decent drink has Mentos.
<QuinDraco> Good call, Zeb.
<Namegduf> Nah, the dirtamancer should have the other one.
<Zebranky> Could be like the candy corn shot.
<President_Allosaurus> But I agree with the idea.
<Namegduf> So when you mix them, there's a volcano.
<President_Allosaurus> Fairly brilliant.
<QuinDraco> Nah, the dirtamancer should be more or less a mudslide.
<Namegduf> Or the "volcano" could be a drink in itself.
<Namegduf> Which has diet coke in it. You put the mentos in your mouth before drinking.
<Zebranky> Wait. The Minty Mountains.
<Zebranky> BRILLIANT
<DarcDiscordia> Maybe the Sizemore should be a variation on the dirty martini.