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From the page:

It is implied in 138 that it requires a Chief Warlord to claim a city. Claiming cities was stated as being the only reason Caesar went to join Vinny and Jillian. If all it took was a Warlord Vinny would have been sufficient.Erf-b1-p138Same-site.PNG

...except that they knew Stanley would be there with a bunch of dwagons. Vinny and Jillian alone would have been smeared. Remember that they originally expected to have Charlescomm help, and in the end sent 10 Warlords and a metric ton of bats and STILL weren't sure they would win. (If all it would take was Caesar, why not send him alone?) Remember it was Caesar's bonuses that made the difference in the battle and that he was (in the plan, and in execution, though unsuccessfully) to attack Stanley personally.
So Caesar didn't believe Jillian about Stanley, and came to get the cities instead - wasn't expecting a fight but was ready for it, you might say - they still probably sent all the Warlords so they could "muscle" Jillian into giving them the location of Faq, if necessary. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 22, 2009 18:12 (UTC)