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First Intermission Split, Also What?

I'm a little confused what this page is really for, or who is using it in this form. Individual character pages (which aren't linked here) usually have a First Appearance link on their page. Also crazy out of date.
Anyway, I've split First Intermission between Books 1 and 2 as their epilogues and prologues as in the current archive. I updated the First Intermission links here because I'm thorough, but I'm not adjusting the content here.
--Red (talk) 02:34, 21 December 2014 (UTC)


So I've started looking at tables and other wiki codes to present the information in a more useful/pleasing fashion. For some reason the collapsible code doesn't seem to be working, but I can still make sortable tables. Should I make something like this?

Name First Appearance Last Appearance TBFGK First Intermission LIAB IPTSF
Wanda TBFGK 2 Now Link Link Link Link
Jillian TBFGK 7 A bit ago Later Sooner Link Link
Bogroll TBFGK 4 A long time Never What Huh Link

For some of the more prolific characters, it makes sense, but Bogroll will never show up outside of TBFGK, and Slately never showed up in TBFGK.

Perhaps I should keep it to Name, First and Last Appearance, broken up by book? —No one in particular 20:12, 8 November 2012 (EST)