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Reading the poem at , it seems there's some strong evidence that the Arkenpliers are an extension of Croakamancy into Carnymancy.

"What a million filaments. The Carnymancy crowd Shoves in to see

Them unveil me hand and foot---- The big strip tease. Gentlemen, ladies"

Sounds like Carnymancy reconstructs Sylvia's body, as if it's a performance or act - "Stagemancy". "Strip tease" fits combination of Naughtymancy and Stagemancy. The symbolism fits, since the uncroaked are somewhat like puppets or actors, but still dead, and it fits the theory that the Arkentools add an element to the magic class (in this case Life).

I cannot find any reference in the comic that the Arkenpliers will turn any uncroaked to dust. The relevant quote says 'most uncroaked'.

Page22, panel 8, Ansom: "[...] Indeed they turn most uncroaked to dust".

Yeah... but what would he NOT be able to turn to dust? He got some warlords, (2 I believe), with the Arkenpliers. The warlords had been able to get the better of Jillian before Ansom had his big damn hero moment. Speculation: What can't be turned to dust and why? non-flesh and blood creatures like those tree things called Gumps?

I think the Arkenpliers are probably an uncroaked based tool. Not only do they allow the attuned user to summon hordes of them, but they also allow the unattuned user to destroy them very easily. The Arkenhammer is a Dwagon or flight based tool - IT gives the user control over dwagons and also turns walnuts into pigeons and gives the user the ability to fly (that may be an ability of all Arkentools, it's yet to be seen.)

Maybe it means that in most, but not all, cases, it is easy to turn uncroaked to dust. Assuming that he needs to touch flesh for it to work, a very powerful (or highly armoured) uncroaked might be able to knock them from his hand before it dies. Also, an uncroaked archer could kill him before he gets close. --Raphfrk 13:38, 5 May 2009 (UTC)