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Eyebook: The trash from my Stupid Meals disappears at dawn, so I'm copying what this one said.

Did You Know? The following forces remain in the city of Gobwin Knob!
242 Gobwin fighters, mostly level 1
210 Uncroaked infantry
135 Piker-class infantry, mostly mid/high-level
48 Stabber-class infantry, mostly mid-level
36 Spidew cavalry, mostly low levels
32 Archer-class infantry, various levels
27 Twoll heavies, various levels
19 Crap Golems
15 Knight-class infantry, various levels
9 Soft Rock Golems
4 Hard Rock Golems
2 Acid Rock Golems
1 Metal Golem
1 Thinkamancer, functioning
1 Dirtamancer, functioning
1 Croakamancer, unresponsive
2 Uncroaked warlords, in advanced decay

The Thinkamancer, Maggie, confirms this list. She seems okay. Kind of a cold fish.

Stanley took everything that flies, so we have no air units. I think that means they can buzz the city at will, except for archers. Joy.

We buried Misty. Uncroaked casters just function as infantry, and I wouldn't do that to her even if Wanda was okay to cast. Sizemore can dig through solid rock, it's cool to watch.

He's fairly convinced that I'm batboop crazy now, since corpses that aren't uncroaked or moved just disappear at the start of the next turn. Like trash. Still, it seemed right. She deserves to rest.

Which brings me to this thought I can't shake, which is that I'm likely to die soon. Specifically, die violently by having some sharp piece of metal shoved through me. It's way too easy to picture, after seeing Misty.

Doesn't help that my Stupid Meal came with a sword hilt. What a nice and ominous little "toy". Bogroll's gonna see what he can do with it, but other than "pointy end away from user" I don't know swords.

Last line on the list of forces says:

1 Chief Warlord, Level 2, Special.

Hamstard: Do you wonder what it means by "special?" Because I don't.