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The living area of an impressively unkempt apartment. Near the white-tiled entrance, the coat closet hangs open and a pile of laundry spills out, two socks spread well out onto the floor. The walls are pitted and scarred. On them hangs a poster of a fantasy babe riding a dragon, by Jamie Noguchi, and another image of the blobular cartoon character. A brown haired, greasy, overweight man sits using the computer near the posters. At his feet are two two-liter bottles of cola. Much of the room is dominated by a television, bookshelves, and collections of various console gaming systems surrounding a beanbag chair. The rest of the room is occupied by a plain brown table, on which is a small stack of books, a dustbuster, a spilled can of Mountain Dew, and a large strategy gaming board, the central feature of which is a mountain with a volcanic caldera on it.