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Eyemancy Lookamancy Thinkamancy Foolamancy

Thinkamancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Eyemancy; it is aligned with the axis of Fate and composed of the two elements of Life and Motion.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Spells of this Discipline normally involve influencing the mind or actions of a target.

The Thinkamancers are one of the most unified disciplines. All of them are part of a secret conspiracy, led by the Great Minds that Think Alike, which works to conceal the full extent of their powers from everyone who is not a Thinkamancer. The fact that Thinkamancers would keep secrets even from members of their own sides is actually stated in scripture, in a way that implies that the Titans both knew and approved of the fact that the Thinkamancers would keep many things secret. Hvs.tCF 151

The Thinkamancers are opposed to Charlie, who has learned many of their secrets through his attunement to the Arkendish, and is also a major potential threat to their trade.

Thinkamancy is derived from the observation and alteration of the Cosmic Vibrations of Grandiocosmic Strings. These vibrations cannot penetrate polarized Stuff, such as that which the Temple of the Thinkamancers is made from.

G-Strings vibrate at difference frequencies and are capable of canceling and amplifying each other over predictable distances. This interference affects the ability of the Thinkamancer, however staying in a single point of amplification, referred to as a Node, affects the Thinkamancers perspective. Better results are achieved by moving back and forth between multiple notes. Issac created devices specifically for this purpose that look like playground equipment. LIAB Text 40.

A caster that is proficient (master-class) in Thinkamancy is called a Mastermind.LIAB Text 13

Known Thinkamancers

Additionally, while Charlie is technically not a Thinkamancer, his attunement to the Arkendish gives him control over Thinkamancy beyond that of even the great minds.


Poker face
All eyemancers, which includes all thinkamancers, have at least some ability to control their facial expressions and other types of nonverbal communications.
Lucid Dreaming
Never have nightmares, and maximize the mental and physical benefits of sleep.
Suggestion Spells.Erf-b1-p084Same-site.PNG
Thinkamancy spells are incapable of dominating a victim. Similar to the Earth folklore about Hypnotism, it can only sway choice towards an action the victim might do anyway.Erf-b1-p148Same-site.PNG
Thought Bubbles
Record and organize their own thoughts on a subject.
Loyalty Modification
Modify a unit's loyalty.
Caster Link
Merging the minds of casters together into a "psychological alloy" or gestalt with the Thinkamancer, allowing the casting of Spells uncastable by singular Casters.Erf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG
Mental Defense
Protecting oneself from the effects of breaking a long term mind-affecting spell.
Long-ranged communication, represented by a hologram.
Long or short ranged communication that takes place inside the caller's mind.
Golem/Doll Override
A Thinkamancer can spend a full turn's worth of juice to take control of an enemy golem or doll and give it orders, but only for a few seconds at best. This is one of Thinkamancy's secret spells.Hvs.tCF_178
Mental Healing
Can assist with or accelerate the healing of some forms of mental damage that are the results of Thinkamancy.Erf-b1-p084Same-site.PNG.
Mental Refreshing
Can increase the efficiency of a Unit's thought processes. Erf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG.
Enhance Remote Visual Link
Don King can use his thinkamancer to see through bat units' eyes across an indefinite distance. This is apparently a stronger version of the natural Thinkamancy version.
Mind Census
Able to determine how many units are in the immediate hex, as well as their status.
Transfer Information
Can send raw information directly into someone else's mind, without them having to actually learn it.
Can mentally record a conversation for future review, on visual, audio, polygraphic, and empathetic levels. This ability is one of the Thinkamancers' secrets.
Sever String
Can sever a unit's g-string, croaking them. This is the most guarded secret of the Thinkamancers and can normally only be performed by direct contact with a defenseless unit.
Decision Tree
Can accelerate and branch out their thoughts, organizing them into trees.


The Arkendish gives its user superior powers in Thinkamancy. Erf-b1-p088Same-site.PNG


The true power of Thinkamancy is far greater than most Erfworlders realize. As mandated by scripture itself, it's actual capabilities are kept a closely guarded secret by its practitioners, who bind themselves via magic to make them difficult to betray. Any Thinkamancer who does so is declared Bad. Among these secrets are:

  • The Great Minds are not actually a group mind, in which individuality is submerged in a greater whole.
  • What the term thinking alike actually means.
  • All magic is channeled through what the Thinkamancers refer to as G-Strings. Thinkamancy is derived from vibrating the G-Strings themselves.
  • Thinkagrams are not just one simple spell to communicate images and sound. They can transmit many other senses, such as intuition, and senses there aren't even names for.
  • Thinkagrams are simplex operation. The directionality is unclear but duplex operation requires two channels. This explains why full duplex conversation costs less juice between two Thinkamancers than one Thinkamancer only performing it. Erf-b3-p150Same-site.PNG
  • Loyalty is far more complex than most Erfworlders realize. While one may have strong loyalty to their ruler, other allegiances, such as loyalty to one's side or fellow members of a caster's discipline can pull a unit in other directions as well.
  • The Arkendish is capable of intercepting, jamming, and even corrupting Thinkagrams. If this secret got out, it could badly hurt the Thinkamancers' entire trade, since everyone would start going to the Hat Magicians for communication instead. This may be the main reason that the Thinkamancers are working alongside Parson against Charlie.
  • It is possible for a Thinkamancer to gather the collective knowledge of their entire side and compile it for a desired end.
  • The Great Minds can observe everything in the Magic Kingdom, if one of the Minds who is thinking alike is also a Master Lookamancer.
  • The Great Minds can cast spells of enormous power, such as a Collide-o-scope spell which effects the entire Magic Kingdom, when they are thinking alike at the 7th level.
  • The fact that the Great Minds have the ability to discipline other thinkamancers by declaring them Bad if they violate their oaths to the Great Minds is itself a major secret.

Natural Thinkamancy

Natural Thinkamancy is innate magic. Many mechanics in Erfworld relate to this magic. One example is scout units sending back intelligence.Erf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG

This magic is also important for the functioning of a Ruler.

Proposed Canon

To units using only Natural Thinkamancy, it appears to be the magic of the mind, however, Thinkamancers have stated it is the magic of the observation and alteration of the Cosmic Vibrations of Grandiocosmic Strings. Natural Thinkamancy allows these vibrations to be altered and detected by the mind, much like sound waves are detected by hearing and altered by speaking. The effects of this Discipline affect thoughts and attitudes. Natural Thinkamancy is Thinkamancy that is performed without the casting of a spell. There are two basic types of Natural Thinkamancy.

The first type of Natural Thinkamancy is a variety of Natural Ability. Natural Abilities that affect the mind are considered Natural Thinkamancies. The ability of Vinny's doombats to show him what they are seeingErf-b1-p049Same-site.PNG is an example of this type of natural Thinkamancy. Maggie indicated experienced Warlords can use natural thinkamancy to telepathically convey battle orders to units on the field. Isaac noted that the intent of a commander in issuing an order to a non-speaking unit is a form of Natural Thinkamancy. Isaac also noted a Ruler in issuing an order to a remote field unit also was one of forms of natural Thinkamancy. LIAB Text 40

The second type of Natural Thinkamancy is a group of magical effects that are inherent to Units in the Erfworld universe. These Natural Thinkamancies are not spells, but instead are constantly-active effects.Erf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG The more pervasive type of Natural Thinkamancy, common to all units, is a set of compulsions that ensure the people of Erfworld perform their duties without disrupting the world with too much overt backstabbing. These compulsions are Obedience, Loyalty, and Duty. The effects can often be very subtle. A Unit influenced by a Natural Thinkamancy will think that all its thoughts are its own, since they are presented to the Unit with ideas behind them. There are many more Natural Thinkamancies besides these three.


Obedience forces Units to obey orders. Disobeying orders is possible under limited circumstances. The disobedient unit must believe the order goes against higher orders, or the Ruler's best interest.


Loyalty is a hidden stat -- no Warlord can see it. Loyalty determines whether a Unit desires to serve the current Ruler. This determines how likely a Unit is to defect or switch Sides, or betray the Ruler. Captured Units have notoriously low Loyalty to their new Side, and so are often compelled via Thinkamancy Spells to become loyal to the new Ruler.

There are one known and one suspected case of betrayal by Units. In the known case, Wanda betrayed Faq to Stanley the Plaid, although she believed that Stanley would lose. In the suspected case, Stanley may have betrayed King Saline IV by instigating a Gobwin attack while Stanley was away with all the side's casters and at least some of its dwagons. In both cases, an Arkentool was involved in some way. Wanda believed that she would gain the Arkenhammer as a result of her action (in which case her "betrayal" might have been a net benefit to her side). Stanley had attuned to the Arkenhammer well before his betrayal.


Duty affects only Units with the Leadership or Caster Natural Abilities. Duty forces these Units to act in favor of the Ruler without specific orders on what the Ruler wants done. For instance, a Warlord that discovered a Stack slacking off would be compelled to force the Units back to work.


More thinkamancers have been shown than any other type of caster. In the Magic Kingdom, there are 28 Great Minds, but only about 20 dirtamancers in the Dirtamansion. Some have speculated this may indicate they have a higher probability of being popped randomly amongst the casters or some method is used to try and increase the chance. The latter would fit in with the suggestion that overlords or rulers can subconsciously control when and what sort of casters are popped. The former fits with the idea in Erf that the Titans select casters for sides and the long range communication ability makes them very valuable for most sides.

However, the real reason why there are more Thinkamancers than other types of casters may be because of the Thinkamancer's rules of secrecy. Most Rulers have absolutely no idea just how extremely militarily useful Thinkamancers could be, if only they knew what orders to give. Suppose they did know, possibly because someone like Charlie or even Parson made this knowledge publically available? Suddenly, thinkamancers would be much more militarily significant, which would give every side a much stronger incentive to croak every enemy thinkamancer they could.

The fact that the Arkentools have involvement with betrayal suggests that the "higher power" referenced in Obedience may include other than worldly creatures. Stanley, for instance, believes he has a destiny forged by the Titans, and the belief that he is being guided by the Titans permitted Stanley to become disobedient. Wanda believes that she is being manipulated by Fate, and so was permitted to betray her Ruler, since she felt that Fate was a higher power than her Ruler.

Potentially, a Thinkamancer working with a Hat Magician or Dollamancer, or maybe linked up with them, could create polarized helmets that would negate many thinkamantic effects. These would quite possibly be made of tinfoil...


A Pledge is a solemn vow given by a Unit to do or refuse to do some specified actions. A Pledge is much harder to break than a simple promise.Erf-b1.5-p043Same-site.PNG


It is possible that each special adds a sort of "module" to a unit's mind to aid in the use of that special. For example, when Parsons scroll broke the rule that only casters could use scrolls, it was described as a compartment in his mind opening up, giving him access to a special magical sense and letting him know how spells are pronounced. Similarly, warlords have a strong combat instinct that increases as they level up.

If true, this might be the reason Royals have a strong tendency to be snobby. Consciously, Jillian is indifferent to or even disdainful of Royalty. And yet, what is described as a royal part of her mind occasionally influences her behavior in spite of herself.

Real World References

One Thinkamancy Spell - Ephedra - apparently alleviates fatigue or works as a stimulant.Erf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG This is a reference to the herbal stimulant Ephedra which contains both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.