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First Mentioned: IPTSF Text 54

Race: Men
Faction: Haffaton
Class: Caster (Thinkamancer)

Proposed Canon

Maxwell was a Thinkamancer in service to the Side of Haffaton. He was said to have held the Side together. He croaked long ago. Everyone's relationship with him was complex, in part because he liked to experiment with Thinkamancy and caster links while intoxicated.

He was presumably the Thinkamancer responsible for the original casting of the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell.

It was during some of these link ups that Wanda's Box of Tricks and the Heroine buds were created, and Wanda was inspired to start her memorial stones after one with him and Komatsu.IPTSF Text 55

His death, while not actively done by Olive, was passively facilitated; according to Wanda, Maxwell experimented with his Thinkamancy and lost himself in it, and Olive "denied him the way back" and "would not rescue him."IPTSF Text 55

Link-Up Creations

Through his link-ups, Maxwell helped create the following:

Casters Item
Barton A Sentient Scarecrow
Barton A Living Lion from a Cloth Golem
Barton Mannequin Sentries
Komatsu A Sentient Metal Golem
Hero Buds
Box of Tricks

Real World References

Dr. Maxwell Cade was an English physicist in the 1970s who was doing psycho-biological research on meditation and the altered states of the consciousness. In addition to research, he codeveloped the "Mind Mirror", a portable EEG machine that could monitor the alpha, beta, delta and theta rhythms from each brain hemisphere simultaneously.

A simpler reference is to Maxwell Smart of the television series Get Smart, given the conceptual link between thinking (Thinkamancy) and being smart.

This may also be a reference to James Clerk Maxwell and his famous thought experiment, Maxwell's Demon.