LIAB Epilogue 19:2/Text

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What was that, a well? Yeah there was a bucket and rope by it. He might get a drink, but he couldn't be whizzin' down here. He floated over the hole and looked down.

"Oh Ti- What the flip is that!"

There was a pale white shape at the bottom of the pit. Moving. Writhing. He had no idea what it was.

"It's personal," said a soft voice in the dark. Caesar spun in the air but couldn't quite keep his body stable on all three axes at once. He put a hand to the ceiling to steady himself.

"I haven't used anything but spare resources," said the Dollamancer, standing there in shadow. He had something on his fat face with a tiny dot of light on it. Goggles. "My spare juice only."

"Bill, what the flip?" demanded Caesar angrily. The thing in the pit was made of doll parts. Arms, legs. Faces. Lots and lots of breasts.

"Every time I try to explain myself," sighed the Dollamancer softly, "I only make things worse. Do you want me to try again, Chief Warlord?"

Caesar shook his head, queasily. "No. Just point me to a latrine."

The little light swiveled as the caster turned his head. "Through that door, down the corridor. Last door you see."

"Arright," said Caesar, moving off quickly in that direction. As he passed, Bill stepped toward the hole and picket up the bucket.

The Chief looked back only once, to see the Dollamancer lowering the rope into the pit.

"It puts lotion on its skin."