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Caesar Borgata sits on the floor of Transylvito's Wine cellar/Doll factory, nursing a bottle of grappa. There are wine barrels covered in spider webs, and doll heads sitting on a work bench.


Because they had so many units that could drain life, Transylvito's dungeons had a reputation. If you ended up down here, your side'd better fork over the Schmuckers. Otherwise, somebody was gonna be drinkin' yer blood in place of rations. Very intimidating.

Transylvito didn't keep nobody in the dungeon these days, though. These days, it was their units that stayed in other people's pokeys. Every turn, Metroland and Carpool both sent ransom demands. They could keep asking. Can't suck blood from a stone.

So the place was empty. It was just the wine cellar and the doll factory down here now. Caesar figured he could put up with the one to get at the other. He floated past the heads and naked torsos, past Don's personal casks, and into the musty corner where they kept the cheap stuff. No use tickin' the King off any worse today.

There are times when a guy wants to be drunk with his friends, and other times when he needs to sit in a damp, dark pit and drink alone. Tonight, Caesar Borgata would be Transylvito's only prisoner. It fit superbly.

Three hours into a barrel of grappa and out of smokes, the Chief Warlord ventured out into the darkness to find some bladder relief. Maybe a drink of water. A couple of the doll-heads looked at him as he floated by.

Flying drunk was better than walking. You bumped into more things, but they hurt less.

Shadows, doors, ceilings and floors. Where the flip was he? He went from room to room until he found one with a big pit in the center of it.