LIAB Epilogue 17:2/Text

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"C'mere, huddle," he told his casters. Maggie sat on the bench beside him, Wanda on the edge of the nearest bench. Jack and Sizemore crouched on the ground. Big Ace loomed over them, standing up and screening the group with his bulk.

"I want you to start thinking about what we can do in terms of link-ups between you all," Parson said, keeping his voice low. "We're up against a guy who does linking all the time. That spell that ended our turn and wrecked the battle plan was from Charlescomm, we think. So we need to expect that stuff every time, and hit him back with some of our own."

He looked at each of them. Ace was smirking, Sizemore was looking down at the ground, Wanda was inscrutable as ever, and Jack's eyes were darting around in space. His gears had already begun to turn.

"Now I know link-ups are usually dangerous and they take their toll on you. But one thing we've got on our side here is unlimited access to master-class Thinkamancers. It should be okay. We've got four disciplines we can combine: Croakamancy, Dirtamancy, Foolamancy and Dollamancy. That's a lot of possible combinations to think about, and I've already got some ideas, arright?"

Ace and Jack nodded enthusiastically, Sizemore only once. Wanda tilted her head and raised her eyebrows as if to say, "go on."

Parson leaned in further, and dropped his voice to nearly a whisper. "Tomorrow I want to try and create a new unit. This might be Jack and Ace, or it might be Jack and Sizemore, but what I want is a mindless, scout-veiled unit. A stealth golem."

Parson grinned. "We're gonna test out Charlie's defenses. And a few other things. Let's call this, 'Operation: Simply Walk Into Mordor."