LIAB Epilogue 17:1/Text

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One of the many, many rules they had in the Magic Kingdom was "no fires." Sources of Foolamancy flames were readily available, though. Parson and his commanders camped out that night around a blazing fire pit of Hamstard-orange flames.

"The formation won't be necessary tomorrow," he told Artemis and Downer, his warlords. "That's not to say something couldn't happen to me in there, but we don't need the show of force again. I think I've come to terms with them, and we're gonna work together. Just be on alert, off to the side, when I'm inside there."

"Yes, Warlord," said Artemis, the senior of the two. She had impressive stats and seemed like she knew her shit, but he'd have to get to know her better. The Decrypted Jetstone troops were an unknown quantity right now.

"Arright, why don't you guys crash while I talk to the casters for a while?"

Downer stood up, but Artemis lingered on her bench for a moment and gave him a look like "are you sure?" She seemed to want to stick around.

"Good night," said Parson added, giving it the mental force of an order. That was a trick he was still getting the hang of. The two left without a word.