LIAB Epilogue 16:1/Text

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"This is scary, Maggie." With the parchment face down, Parson was using a little dagger to cut the page into progressively smaller and smaller pieces. A complete list of their own strategic vulnerabilities? Cripes.

"I apologize, Lord," said Maggie. "It should have occurred to me."

"Yeah, we just gotta be more paranoid."

As they'd been wrapping up their first session with the Great Minds, Parson went to leave the Temple, carrying his notes.

"[Stop] You should leave those pages here," sent Isaac.

Parson turned and shook his head. "No, I need to go over them tonight."

"They are not encoded."

"Um... Why does that matter? They're on paper, in my own hands."

"'Maybe some vulnerabilities come with using the Arkendish too - catch C in a link-up and use a bunch of Thinkamancers to psychically overwhelm him," quoted Isaac directly from his notes. Parson could actually see his own writing in his mind. "As a Headmaster, I am a master of Lookamancy. Any master-class Lookamancer in the same hex as you could read those, outside of this Temple."

Without changing his expression, he slowly crouched down and laid the sheaf of parchment on the floor.

"I gotta go."