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Inside the lobby of the Temple of the Thinkamancers a Thinkamancer in a tank-top and curlers looks up at the ceiling with her mouth open. Isaac holds his chin in his hand, considering something. Maggie looks at him, worried.


Thinkamancy was one big club, and they all made their living offering their services to rulers as ironclad lines of military communication. If word got out that everyone's comms were compromised, most sides would stop hiring and relying on Thinkamancers. It would be hard times for them (but a boon to the Hat Magicians).

"So, has nobody ever thought to ask about that?" Parson had questioned. "What would you do if asked, would you lie about it? Or...what about Duty? Or a magical contract to speak the truth? Or a pinkie swear? What do you do to keep that secret?"

There'd been an uncomfortable pause, and more switchboard talking.

"Yes, the Thinkamancer would lie to his Ruler," sent Isaac. "There are means of assuring that this information is not shared, which is why we are not woried about a spy among the Great Minds."

"Oh," sent Parson.

That seemed to be all they wanted to say about that, but then Isaac added, "We'd like you to submit yourself to those, before you leave the Magic Kingdom."