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Stanley stands with his arms on his hips, gazing out of the hole in his Office's window, the wind gently billowing his cape. A green and a pink dwagon are flying in view, and Zhopa is sweeping up some of the broken glass.


Stanley looked out the shattered window of his office, with the cool wind blowing his cape back. Dwagons floated by, in lazy slow orbits around the Arkenhammer. He was sure this pose still looked dramatic to his units below, but it had stopped feeling heroic about ten minutes ago.

"C'mon, Maggie," he thought out loud for the gazillionth time. "Check in. You're not even in trouble, okay? Just wanna know what's going on."

Zhopa had already swept the shattered glass into a corner, and stood by at something resembling attention. As usual, he had nothing to say. Stanley looked at him. He looked back. Stanley felt like yelling at him, but he wasn't sure what for. What did he expect the twoll to say, exactly?

"You're a big help," he snapped, and turned back to look out the hole.

It was time to start thinking about what he'd do if Maggie *never* called back. He knew where everyone was: in the Magic Kingdom. Hamster also had like 8 stacks of infantry with him, which made Stanley the first ruler ever to have a force of troops in the Magic Kingdom. That was really cool. The Titans were probably pretty proud of him today. also put him on edge a little. He wanted to understand it better. Were they at war with all the free casters now? Is that why Thinkagrams and the eyebooks weren't working? That might not be too good.

"We should probably go down to the War Room," he said. It looked like he was going to have to run his side the basic way you do when you have no Thinkamancer. Ruler's orders and maps, yep. Time to go to work. He headed across the vast floor of his office, toward the door.

"Yes, Lud," said Zhopa, following along.

"Hup," said Stanley, stopping in his tracks, "hang on."